• The low-key elegance of modern



    BVLGARI exclusive creative process to convey the core concept of the brand, and the Lvcea family carries the unique logo of the brand. For example, the stick figure of the hour hand, 12 and 6 o’clock in the Rome digital time standard, a very high degree of identification. In addition, the Lvcea series has a unique classic appearance, but give up the signs of publicity in a low-key manner to interpret the modern elegance. Lvcea watch is different in color change sway on the dial, to create a bright light transfer effect. Blue and purple for the 2016 annual color, but also launched the Pearl mother beta version, for this series to add different customs. Each a watch can be selectively collocation and dial color take crocodile leather strap, or is especially designed for the series stainless steel link bracelet.
    With the advent of Lvcea table refining process found a new piece of day, the mixing between the highly sophisticated link technology is evident. Design one of the biggest challenges is how to in rigid and soft perfect balance, so we must adopt inlaying method of the skilled strap, which can firmly watch and both wearing comfort. Lvcea is not only display time of jewelry accessories, is by the women love the wild single product, in addition to daily life in various occasions to wear external is formal occasions Fuji. Egg noodles crown inlaid cutting red tourmaline shine,  other round case. Due to the size reduction, in order to ensure that the design and the flow of light and shade does not affect the interpretation of the time, the design of the dial is subject to a greater degree of limitation. Of course, among which the originality is the design of the watch itself from watchcase and dial, to the ear and dazzling refining piece table, Bulgari to the light and shadow of the interactive play most vividly.

    BVLGARI LVCEA Watches1
    Between light and shade
    As a matter of fact, it is the contrast between the light and the shade and the shape of the high background, to find the right path to guide the refraction and reflection of light. Lvcea is specially designed for the light and the time, is full of the charm which is hard to ignore. A new dimension of elegant and exquisite attract the attention of the world, with its sexy style and gentle streamline, make Lvcea more perfect.

  • 2016 Cartier new Tourbillon watches

    Cartier‘s relentless pursuit breakthroughs in the field of Haute Horlogerie, made over the past decade the creation of 43 new movement‘s success. Capable of achievingsuch achievements in such a short period of time reflects Cartier‘s in the field of Haute Horlogerie vision. Now, a new model of timethe Rotonde de Cartier AstromystéRIEUX objects running mystery Tourbillon watch gorgeous debut, once again showed a Cartier Haute Horlogerie charm. Memorable, it was Cartier‘s unique style.
    For more than 100 years, Cartier applies the mystical aesthetic perfection … … Thismysterious Bell to begin. Mystery clock, mystery , because its from Platinum and diamonds to create the pointer appears to be suspended above the transparent clockand movement without any connection. As the 1925 fashion magazine called La Gazette du Bon Ton, mystery clock is a miracle in watch history , Louis XIV. Cartier (Louis Cartier) and outstanding watchmakers Morris. Cue (Maurice Co u et,1885-1963) to crystalline. In 1912, the first mystery clock was born, and was named the Modè Le a.
    Morris. Cue is inspired. Eugene. Mr BellHoudin (Jean Eug è ne Robert-Houdin,1805-1871) invented the clock, the famous France magician and founder of modern magic. His influence and carry forward the principle based on the concept of a wonderfulpointer is not directly connected with the movement, but the two jagged metal rim on the glass disk. Glass disc driven by movement (for the most part located in the bottom of the clock), lead hands, a rotating one round per minute, another turns one round per hour. Today, Cartier launched a new mystery clock works, inherited this unique technology, and modern style.
    Following the mysterious hours after a double mystery Tourbillon watches and watches, Cartier known celestial bodiesrunning mystery Tourbillon watch, equipped with mounted escapement in the axis of rotation of the pointer. Cartier opened a new chapter in the mystery aesthetics. Everything is compact structure. Mysterious movement came to prominence, like in the case of suspended floats. In order to achievebreathtaking Visual effects, space occupied by minimizing movement gears. 9462 MC calibre lightness and flexibility, shaft by the escapement, balance, gear unit and the spring box. Minute hand located in the narrow, extending part of the movement, every hour turns one circle around the dial. Trajectory of the movement itself is alsoclearly visible, like the bright stars across the night sky. It suspended floating without any connections. Cascade movement parts assembled in the synchronous rotationof the four sapphire crystals on the disc and show the wonders of the mysterious scene.
    At first glance, celestialrunning mystery Tourbillon is wonder: If this is a new typeof Tourbillon? Barrel and the escapement synchronous rotation, and seems to be connected with the Crown without the slightest, watch how wind up? How to adjust the time? Cartier watches artisan master of bold innovation, celestialrunning mysteryTourbillon watch movement between reality show charm, never seen before innovative technology has been applied for many patents.
    Cartier has launched a new celestial bodyrunning mystery Tourbillon watches
    Groundbreaking new Tourbillon
    Celestialrunning mystery Tourbillon works with traditional Tourbillon is no different,power comes from the barrel of the rotating frame connected by fixed gear. However is different from the traditional Tourbillon, celestialrunning mystery Tourbillon‘s frame in the center axis, turns one round per hour. Its structure consists not only ofescapement and balance, also includes a cluster of gears and barrels. A large diameter sapphire crystals the lower disc as a framework for the Tourbillon bridge, balance in the upper deck, escapement, gear unit and barrels are located in another upperdeck. Tourbillon minutes shown in the framework itself in the process. By virtueof running objectsmystery Tourbillon watches, Cartier Tourbillon aesthetics and technology level to a whole new level.
    Creative design of the mysterious concept
    Celestialrunning mystery Tourbillon watches charm not just stop here. Three Sapphire Crystal disc stack combinations make this timepiece shows unique charm.
    · One disc will show hours
    Hours and Tourbillon directly connected to the disk, so as to display the time.
    This two disc diameter is large, for hosting complex gear set. In order to protect these parts, watch master craftsmen in rotating frame install the new shockproof system, buffering external shocks when wearing the watch.
    Cartier has launched a new celestial bodyrunning mystery Tourbillon watches
    · Mystery disc system
    Celestial mystery Tourbillon system operation has applied for a patent, its function through a Sapphire Crystal disc and the Crown to achieve. This unique compact disconly in the chain is attached to the barrel. To this end, the brand design is located inthe Crown stem suspended between the disc on the chain and gears. When the Crown rotation, this gear will move, Crown and chain on disks connected together. When the Crown is in a State of stillness, gears will automatically be removed, disconnect the connection between the two. Celestialrunning mystery Tourbillon system forhandwound mechanical movement with creative design features. With specially designed clutch system, Crown handle shaft and barrel too hot on the chain is not damaged.
    · Through the Sapphire Crystal with double function of disc set time
    At the bottom of the movement the lower disc play a dual role: to power the normalrotation of the framework responsible for Tourbillon; system is started when the Crown is pulled out to set time, this technology has been patented. Both are by virtueof ingenious leverage, this breakthrough in cutting-edge technology has been patented. Watch normal when lever Sapphire Crystal disc lock. Is in the fixed position of the disc through the escapement, and power for the Tourbillon framework. When Crown is pulled out to set time position, the lever to release the lower Sapphire Crystaldisc and fixed on the axis Tourbillon minute gears framework so as to adjust the time.
    By virtue of this timepiece masterpieces, Cartier‘s wonderful interpretation of classicsymbol of Haute Horlogerie brand series since 1912mystical movement, the aesthetic show new charm.
    Cartier has launched a new celestial bodyrunning mystery Tourbillon watches
    Technical parameters
    950 Palladiumgold case diameter 43.5 mm
    Bead-shaped Crown set with a cabochon Sapphire
    Cartier9462 MC workshops refined handwound mechanical movement, overall diameter 39 mm, 5.90 mm thickness of the movement, rubies, bearing number 25, part of the movement: 408 (contains ball bearings, 188), the balance wheel frequency21,600 times per hour, at least about 50 hours power reserve
    Carry objectsrunning mystery Tourbillon, reset the mystery Tourbillon escapement,balance the balance wheel, the main gear set and the barrel, and rotate every houra week
    Water resistant to 30 meters
    Black alligator leather strap with 18K white gold adjustable folding clasp
    A trapezoid cut diamonds bracelet styles
  • Grönefeld dead seconds Watches


    dead seconds Watches

    One Hertz Grönefeld is currently the world’s first and only independent “dead seconds” complex functions of mechanical watches. As with all other mechanical movement watch different, “dead seconds” of the second hand to advance a second way to operate, rather than 4 per forward or three times (4hz or 3hz).
    Grönefeld week released the latest models of the series, with rose gold case with white dial ── entire dial the core visual focus is naturally a huge second hand, minute hand tray is 2 o’clock, power reserve is located in 11:00.
    3:00 is the crown pattern prompt dish, S for Setting, W on behalf of Winding, when the adjustment time mode, the second hand will stop seconds into the state, ensure the highest accuracy correction.
    Equipped with a G-02 manual winding movement, double barrel, a provider of timing power, the other for the independent “dead seconds” leap second structure to provide power, the Wobble While the movement itself is 21600vph, the 285 component parts.
    Rose gold Case diameter 43mm, thickness 12.5mm, belonging to Asians slightly bigger watch, but fortunately enough color style classic, One Hertz is indeed by far the most elegant one.

  • Nomos Swing System Watches


    Nomos Watches

    Nomos Basel this year the most important thing than the progressive movement technology – to launch its own escapement “Swing System”, and will this year escapement mounted on the two most important new medium.
    Bauhaus design style still continues the simple and practical style, it is worth noting that 12:30 impetus store window into “high-end” models unique element of this year.

    Swing System Watches
    This is one of our favorite this year, with dots and non-serif figures as the subject of a design element, the dial by the four kinds of color composition – the vast white blank, black hour and minute hands and hour markers, red power storage and seconds, as well as a visual buffer between black and white to gray.
    Every detail is appropriate, succinct through, for example, date window fan’s “circle” metaphor, perfect end with a dot around the needle tapering scale integration.
    Equipped DUW 4401 manual winding movement, using homemade Swing System Nomos escapement, power reserve 42 hours.

  • Rolex Cloisonné ref.5029/5028 Watches


    Rolex Watches

    Rolex rarely do enamel dial, 36mm While the ref.5029 / 5028 is already one of the biggest enamel dial Rolex historical dimensions. 18K gold shell has a very natural color package pulp, enamel dial by one of the most famous artist of the last century enamel ──Charles Poluzzi complete, even gold five-pointed star Stern hand-cut hour markers are provided.

    Also worth mentioning is the time scale 6:00 crown position, which is very rare in the early Rolex logo design.


  • The platinum Patek Philippe 1927 watch


    Patek Philippe 1927 Watches

    Christie’s Geneva in the spring “Important Watches” auction just ended, two Rolex, Patek Philippe antique table with more than one million Swiss francs, respectively, hammer, becoming the biggest highlight of this auction.
    While this three-question form manufacturing in 1927, anthropogenic origin American Bankers Henry Graves Jr., case back engraved with their family patterns and inscriptions, maintenance intact, spread orderly.
    Platinum Case dimensions 39mm × 29mm, silver dial with small three-pin layout, Peach with Breguet hour markers, train track minute scale, carrying on Cal.11 manual winding movement.
    Twenties century, the three asked the table quantities produced on very rare Patek Philippe, currently known only 17, including six pillow-shaped table, only one using platinum, While this is the auction.

  • Burberry BBY2005 47MM Watches


    BBY2005 47MM Watches

    Burberry octagonal case is the most important works of the last two years the timing of design elements, this design is actually much like the statue of the year, but compared to the more rounded, rivets also cleverly set up in the corners, to build their own unique style , people can look and distinguish Octo or Royal Oak, each one of the designers are Burberry’s creative director Christopher Bailey.
    47mm titanium case with a black coating and the drawing process, dial with the classic symmetrical layout, large date window at 12 o’clock, 6 o’clock small dial for the second time zone. In order to enhance recognizable, especially with red color on the second time zone dial scale.
    Equipped by COSC certified Technotime TT651 movement, date window so you can see at Chronometer flag, power reserve of 40 hours.
    Limited 100, which is this year’s most audacious one color Burberry.