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  • The low-key elegance of modern



    BVLGARI exclusive creative process to convey the core concept of the brand, and the Lvcea family carries the unique logo of the brand. For example, the stick figure of the hour hand, 12 and 6 o’clock in the Rome digital time standard, a very high degree of identification. In addition, the Lvcea series has a unique classic appearance, but give up the signs of publicity in a low-key manner to interpret the modern elegance. Lvcea watch is different in color change sway on the dial, to create a bright light transfer effect. Blue and purple for the 2016 annual color, but also launched the Pearl mother beta version, for this series to add different customs. Each a watch can be selectively collocation and dial color take crocodile leather strap, or is especially designed for the series stainless steel link bracelet.
    With the advent of Lvcea table refining process found a new piece of day, the mixing between the highly sophisticated link technology is evident. Design one of the biggest challenges is how to in rigid and soft perfect balance, so we must adopt inlaying method of the skilled strap, which can firmly watch and both wearing comfort. Lvcea is not only display time of jewelry accessories, is by the women love the wild single product, in addition to daily life in various occasions to wear external is formal occasions Fuji. Egg noodles crown inlaid cutting red tourmaline shine,  other round case. Due to the size reduction, in order to ensure that the design and the flow of light and shade does not affect the interpretation of the time, the design of the dial is subject to a greater degree of limitation. Of course, among which the originality is the design of the watch itself from watchcase and dial, to the ear and dazzling refining piece table, Bulgari to the light and shadow of the interactive play most vividly.

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    Between light and shade
    As a matter of fact, it is the contrast between the light and the shade and the shape of the high background, to find the right path to guide the refraction and reflection of light. Lvcea is specially designed for the light and the time, is full of the charm which is hard to ignore. A new dimension of elegant and exquisite attract the attention of the world, with its sexy style and gentle streamline, make Lvcea more perfect.