• Tiffany Blue Book Wave Platinum Bracelet


    This pair of spray pattern splash earrings, with diamonds on behalf of the sea water collision rocks formed water, sapphire is a symbol of the blue sea.
    Designer Francesca Amfitheatrof found a chic “octopus pocket watch” in Tiffany’s antique collection. The bracelet was designed with a hatchback as a small octopus and decided to use it in the new season’s Fake Bvlgari Jewelry.
    In order to imitate the water droplets splashing in the air, the designer, especially in the waves between the embellishment of a few diamond-studded water droplets, and large stars of the bright cut round drill “hanging” in the air, realistic waves of the waves and the scene.
    The bracelet was inspired by a Tiffany antique pocket watch chain, this year’s Blue Book is a very interesting piece of work.
    Wave part of the inlaid dark blue round cut sapphire, gradually transition to light sapphire and colorless diamonds, the shape of the waves like the birds raised wings.
    However, the use of such elements in the jewelry is not easy, to accurately design each of the buckle wax mold size, from the most central large wave buckle to the last small buckle, casting is completed, each buckle In the “sets” together need a very detailed process, it is necessary to maintain a perfect curve, but also take into account the diamond inlaid space.
    In order to show the three-dimensional sense of the work, this delicate bracelet were also in the adjacent two angles of the diamond mosaic, each diamond are produced a separate claw, in the curve of the turning point can also show the diamond fire color for Replica Cartier Love Ring.
    The final finish of the work, worn on the wrist is also light and soft, such as water waves in general.

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